Watch Deontay Wilder Absolutely Destroy Bermane Stiverne in a Rematch

This is just brutal.

Deontay Wilder went up against Bermane Stiverne for a second time Saturday, and man, was Wilder ever a man out to get his business done.

If you watch the brutal video above—it’s the entire match—you see just how thoroughly Wilder took care of that business. It’s ugly.

Deontay Wilder
Yeah, he did that.

The heavyweights first stepped into the ring in 2015. At the time Stiverne managed to go the distance, but it seemed like Wilder wasn’t willing to put up with that again. 

Once he’d thoroughly dominated Stiverne with those three vicious knockouts and won, Wilder challenged heavyweight champ Anthony Joshua, who like Wilder is an undefeated knockout artist.

Wilder said he’s “been waiting on that fight for a long time now.” 

“I declare war upon you,” Wilder said, “Do you accept my challenge? I’ve been waiting for a long time. I know I’m the champion. I know I’m the best. Are you up for the test?”

Wilder wasn’t even done there. He decided to make it mythical. “A king doesn’t chase the peasants,” he said, “A king takes kings. I want Joshua. If he doesn’t give me the fight we have other plans. The world wants Joshua, the world wants Wilder, I want Joshua. Joshua come and see me baby. No more dodging, no more excuses. Make the date, don’t wait.”

If Joshua is game, that should be one hell of a match. 

Let’s hope Stiverne got something for the headache he must have had when he woke up.