This Dodgers Fan Got Clowned After Failing To Catch a World Series Home Run

“I choked. I just choked.”

Game 6 of the Los Angeles Dodgers and Houston Astros World Series fell on Halloween. It was appropriate then, that the Dodgers gave the Astros a scare by winning, 3-1, sending the Series to Game 7.

The Dodgers prevailed with an assist from Joc Pederson’s massive home run seen in the video above. In a World Series that’s been consistently epic it was just one more thrilling moment—and also comic, once you saw the hilarious ineptitude of the glove-wearing Dodgers fan who tried to snag the ball.

Like, how bad do you have to be to have both John Smoltz and Joe Buck clowning you on national TV with commentary like “You gotta have that catch?” 

OK, it’s probably not fair to continue roasting the guy, whose name is Stephen Wiard. He made a decent effort. He later told USA Today that he was “flustered.”

“I just lost it,” he reportedly said, “I choked. I just choked.” 

His wife Megan was the woman gut shot by the ball and she had a pretty good attitude about it.

“I’m fine, I survived, it was a great hit,” she said in a brief Instagram video. She also told USA Today that as far as she was concerned her husband Stephen was protecting her. “I appreciate it,” she said.

In any given baseball game the likelihood that a large number of fans have had about half a keg’s worth of beer is fairly high as well, so we can also cut Wiard some slack with that in mind. 

And in the end, Megan Wiard said they didn’t even get the ball at all.

Still, no one is necessarily envying her, even if it turns out she didn’t have to arrange her guts back into the normal order. 

Game 7 airs tonight at 8:20 Eastern. Pretty sure Stephen Wiard hopes it’s amazing, because no one wants that kind of viral fame.

h/t Barstool Sports