Eagles’ Jason Kelce Delivered the Epic Victory Speech That Philly Fans Deserve

It was only one of the insane things that went down at Thursday’s parade.


Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce delivered a rousing speech about underdogs and haters to a rabid pack of fans at the Eagles Super Bowl parade in Philly yesterday. In the speech, which veered well into rant territory by the time it ended, Kelce sounded like a wrestler from the ’80s cutting a promo before the Royal Rumble.

And the fans caught on, hitting him with the “what?” chant that was popularized by WWE fans.

Highlights of Kelce’s epic rant included the list of his teammates’ faults and his admission that the Eagles don’t have the nicest fans. He ended, his voice growing ever more hoarse, in a manner befitting those fans: With a loud and unapologetic “Fuck you” to all of the team’s doubters.

Assuming they were sober enough to remember it, Eagles fans will be quoting that speech for decades to come. But sober is not a word we’d use to describe Thursday’s festivities. 

Among the insanity, was a crew of dozens dancing on top of a trash truck. 

Dudes peeing on everything.

And one fan who scattered his grandfather’s ashes on the site of the parade. 

There’s so much more, like the fan who said he intentionally broke three fingers so he could get Thursday off of work and attend the parade. 

And the strangers who met up to kiss on the street for no real reason at all. 

But the best example of Eagles insanity that we came across yesterday was easy to miss. Here are two respectable young ladies who immortalized this love for Eagles quarterback Nick Foles and his allegedly large penis with tattoos on the inside of their mouths.