Watch the Epic Star-Studded New Trailer For the HBO Documentary, ‘Andre the Giant’

“It’s almost like the whole room moved when he walked through the crowd.”

His real name was André René Roussimoff, and he was a very large man. Various wrestling federations gave his height as 7’4″, but he may have been 7’0″. It doesn’t matter, he was huge.

It’s obvious in this trailer for HBO’s upcoming documentary, Andre the Giant, that his personality was just as big as he was—and he left a huge impression on everyone from Hulk Hogan to Rob Reiner, Billy Crystal, and Princess Bride co-star Robin Wright

Perhaps the most surprising thing about these trailers has been how it’s clear that the Giant’s impact was emotional. Hulk Hogan—who partnered with the Giant and fought with him in the ring—seems near tears as he describes how emotional the huge Frenchman could be. 

In the new trailer we also get a closer look at the parts of Andre the Giant’s life that weren’t so thrilling; he’s walking with a cane and being attended to by a nurse who looks small enough to fit in his palm. Being the biggest thing to ever hit professional wrestling and his gigantism took a toll—which is why he only lived to age 46.

Andre the Giant debuts on HBO on April 10.