ESPN+ Trailer For ‘Man in the Arena: Tom Brady’ Reveals Brady’s Keys to NFL Glory

“To get to the Super Bowl is hard. To win is even harder. It took a toll on me.”

Tom Brady opens up about his road to Super Bowl glory in the latest trailer for Man in the Arena: Tom Brady, the ESPN+ docuseries dropping on November 16. 

The seven-time Super Bowl champ is heard recalling “20 years of heartbreaks, heartaches and sleepless nights and the greatest victories” to achieve his status as the GOAT of NFL quarterbacks.

“To get to the Super Bowl is hard,” Brady intones in the new clip. “To win is even harder. It took a toll on me.”


“Realizing my potential has been what my career has been all about.”

Man in the Arena–which some have compared to ESPN’s The Last Dance series about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls–“features Brady and other notable figures deconstructing the milestones of his legendary NFL career, mining the psychological and emotional terrain of each victory and defeat.”

Each episode focuses on a single Super Bowl appearance, beginning with Super Bowl XXXVI, the season Brady took over as quarterback for the Patriots after Drew Bledsoe suffered an injury.

The series features interviews with key figures from Brady’s life and career, including Gisele Bündchen, Julian Edelman, Alex Guerrero, Rob Gronkowski, Rodney Harrison, Peyton Manning, Richard Sherman and Michael Strahan.

The first episode is available to ESPN+ subscribers Nov. 16, with new episodes posting every Tuesday. It’s co-produced by ESPN, Religion of Sports, 199 Productions, and NFL Films

Watch both Man in the Arena trailers above for a sampling of what’s to come.