Is WWE Diva Eva Marie Quitting Wrestling to Become an Actress?

The last time we saw the WWE bombshell, a "wardrobe malfunction" made her "Smackdown Live" debut an instant classic.

Could one the WWE's biggest bombshells be on her way out of the wrestling ring for good? That's the latest rumor swirling around Eva Marie, who hasn't made any notable moves in the world of wrestling for months.

The last time we saw Eva in the ring in August, when a goofy "wardrobe malfunction" prevented her from making her "Smackdown Live" debut. A week after that she was suspended for violating the WWE's wellness policy, reportedly because she did not get an exemption for Adderall use.

Based on the length of that suspension, she could have returned to the WWE in September. Instead, she's remained busy outside he ring. According to IMDB, she's got two movies that are in production and if her Instagram is any indication, she spends a lot of time selling clothes. 

The rumors that she's on her way out of the WWE just cropped up though because she removed the wrestling promotion from her Twitter bio. She also put a picture on IG a few days ago that showed her with "the team behind the dream," as they made plans for 2017. 

The caption mentioned "some ground breaking innovation and a whole bunch of huge projects." It does not mention wrestling though. 

If it's Eva's intention to pull away from wrestling and the WWE, her bosses in Stamford might have something to say about that. She is reportedly still under contract with the brand and unless something crazy happens, she's not going anywhere. 

That's good news for us, even if it's bad news for her. 

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