Fantasy Football Hero Makes Hilarious News Report To Mercilessly Taunt Rival

Plus: The one fantasy football trade you need to make right now…


If you are one of the many millions of Americans who’s wasted countless hours playing fantasy sports, you know the true joy of America’s newest pastime is not the game itself but the competition among friends. The trash talk, lost bets and terrible tattoos that fantasy sports have produced are why the games are so much fun to play. 

If you happen to be in a league with a creative, smack-talking genius, then it’s even better. The league mates of the guy in the above video know what we’re talking about.

Jonny Fitz, as he calls himself, has produced an entire “news” segment to make fun of his league commissioner’s terrible team. He’s even enlisted the guy’s sister to shit on him. 

Just watch the whole damn clip, you won’t be sorry.

And while we’re on the subject of fantasy football, we figured we’d pass along a piece of advice we’ve encountered over and over again online: Trade for Doug Martin! 

FTW calls it “the one trade smart fantasy football owners should make immediately.” CBS’ Dave Richard says he’s one of his top targets. And those who already own Martin are getting very impatient.

It’s not hard to see why. Martin is a hard-charging back who will likely take over the backfield in Tampa Bay when he returns from his PED suspension. Temporary starter Jacquizz Rodgers has done nothing to make the Bucs think twice about reinserting Martin into his old role. 

Plus, this offseason, Bucs GM Jason Licht said Martin “looks reminiscent of 2015,” a year that saw him rush for 1402 yards. If Martin returns to that form, then he could win you a league. Time to make an offer.

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