Check Out This Epic Basketball Brawl That Features Sucker Punches, Flying Kicks and 13 Ejections

It was total madness when Australia and the Philippines went at it.

A basketball game between Australia and the Philippines devolved into a scene out of the WWE over the weekend after a brawl featuring sucker punches, jump kicks and flying chairs broke out

The violence began with a cheap elbow thrown by Australian Daniel Kickert at Roger Pogoy. Pogoy hit the floor And then things got nuts. 

One of the highlights here is 7’1″ Australian giant Thon Maker, the sole NBA player involved in this fracas, getting airborne to deliver a few flying kicks to the Philippine players. 

It wasn’t just the players getting in on the action. In a scene recalling the infamous Malice at the Palace, fans got involved too. Here’s one dropping a chair on the head of an Aussie player. 

And another connecting with a brutal right hand.

While Thon Maker was the only NBA player mixed up in this mess, former Wizards and Nets center Andray Blatche got some shots in for the Philippines. Here is with a clothesline to a dude half his size. 

The referees took 30 minutes to sort out the melee and eventually sent 13 players to the locker room. That left the Philippines, who were already down big, with only three players. And so the game continued, three on five until two of the three Philippines players fouled out. With only one player left for the Philippines, the refs called the game with Australia up 89-53. 

Players on the Philippines must not have been too torn up about the loss after the game. Here they are after returning to the court, taking selfies to memorialize a highly memorable night.