Floyd Mayweather Showed Off a $100 Million Check, and It’s Actually Kind of Sad

This guy is rich enough to stop bragging about it, yet here he goes again.


Getty Images

Imagine being so stupidly rich that you have a $100 million check in your wallet that you haven’t even cashed yet. That’s the life that Floyd Mayweather lives. Early Monday morning the retired 39-year-old posted a picture on Instagram of a check he took home after fighting Manny Pacquiao in May 2015. The check, which is only a portion of the $220 million he made for that fight, appears to be uncashed. 

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If you took the time to read that caption, you can see that Mayweather is feeling salty about something. That something is, most likely, the criticism he took for dancing with Tiny Harris, wife of T.I., at Mariah Carey’s Halloween party. T.I. apparently replied in an Instagram post that included Kevin Hart and… hell, I don’t know. This saga is too complicated to follow.

But the bottom line is, Floyd is the dude who ends up looking goofiest here, because even though the world knows he’s rich, he still feels the need to remind us. That’s what a rich dude does when he doesn’t feel rich enough. Ever see Mark Zuckerberg posting Facebook pictures of his investment accounts? Ever see Oprah out there making it rain on a crowd of soccer moms? Ever see Warren Buffet sleeping on a bed of billions? No.

The point is that Mayweather is .01 percent rich and yet, here he is making himself look like a goon by bragging about it. Almost makes you feel bad for the guy, until you remember how rich he is.