Floyd Mayweather Says He ‘Absolutely’ Wants to Fight Conor McGregor

The retired boxer isn’t that impressed with Dana White’s offer, though.

With retired superstar boxer Floyd Mayweather, his response to questions about actually fighting MMA champ Conor McGregor apparently depends upon how the question is asked. In the clip above, from an interview on Showtime Boxing, Mayweather seemed unequivocal: he’d “absolutely” fight McGregor. 

But then there’s this TMZ Sports video from just a day before. “Money” Mayweather seems to find Dana White’s offer of a $25 million purse laughable and indicates his mega-expensive Hublot watch as evidence he’s not gonna fuck with such a trifling amount.

In further comments that BloodyElbow transcribed from his Showtime appearance, Mayweather seemed to pull it all together. After all, fighting isn’t just a sport. “I’m a businessman,” he said. A fight between him and McGregor, Mayweather indicated, would “do some crazy numbers.”

The most significant thing he said was that if he came out of retirement for a fight, only a bout with McGregor “makes sense for me.”

“But if it’s anyone else,” Mayweather continued, “It doesn’t make sense. Not for me.”

Mayweather is essentially indicating he understands the business, his worth, and the draw of a match between himself and the smack-talking Irishman, and that such a match would be worth much more than any numbers thrown out so far. 

Mayweather vs. McGregor feels a little closer to reality these days — especially with the MMA fighter making moves such as acquiring a California boxing license — but we’ll still believe it when we see it.

h/t BloodyElbow, TMZ Sports