Floyd Mayweather Tips Every Chef at a Las Vegas Restaurant $300

There’s a reason they call him “Money.”

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd “Money” Mayweather loves displaying the wealth he’s earned from his legendary fighting career, but make no mistake: This doesn’t mean he’s some kind of stingy cash hoarder. 

The kitchen crew at Catch Las Vegas learned this recently when he dropped in to personally tip each chef $300, reports Page Six

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Mayweather was at the restaurant with a party of 16, celebrating a friend’s birthday. More from Page Six:

“He personally thanked everyone,” said an insider. “The cooks were ecstatic and thankful!”

Perhaps he’s trying to rehab his tipping rep in Sin City. In 2014, a waitress claimed the champ had run up a $25,000 tab at the Hard Rock on an order of 200 chicken wings and 20 bottles of Champagne — and didn’t leave a cent.

For what it’s worth, Hard Rock reps did later deny the 2014 allegations. 

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An extra $300 for a job well done sounds a little more like the Mayweather seen on his Instagram feed. He flies his rich guy flag big time there, even if it occasionally gets him a trolling from 50 Cent.

The trappings of wealth—like high-end luxe timepieces—are definitely a big deal to him, and the green doesn’t all just come from winning in the ring. In 2018 he told Men’s Health that he makes “smart investments, so I’m making seven figures every month. That’s for the rest of my life.” 

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If true, that means future kitchen staff who spot Floyd Mayweather coming through the door need to dial it up to 11 because who knows? If the food is good enough, he might just make a habit of this.