Floyd Mayweather’s Vegas Mansion Was Burglarized While He Partied With Justin Bieber In L.A.

“Money” now has less of it–thanks to a clever thief who struck while he was away celebrating his 40th birthday.

This Halloween costume speaks for itself, “Money Man”.

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While Floyd Mayweather spent last weekend celebrating his 40th birthday in Los Angeles, partying with Justin Bieber and eating a $3,000 cake, a savvy burglar was looting his Las Vegas mansion.

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According to reports, an intruder pried open a door at the back of Mayweather’s house sometime last weekend and snatched $150,000 in valuables.

 “We still don’t know what exactly was taken. We haven’t gotten a list from the victim of what items were taken,” a Las Vegas police spokesperson told USA Today

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There’s at least one fancy-ass watch among the missing items, TMZ says. If the total of pilfered goods remains in the $150,000 range, at least this burglary will be far less damaging than the last time Mayeather got hit. 

Back in 2008, he lost $7 million worth of jewelry in a smash and grab not long after showing off his stash of blinged-out chains on an episode of MTV Cribs.

If you’re finding it hard to muster much sympathy for Mayweather, you’re probably not alone. Someone who flaunts their wealth as much as he does is just inviting crooks to take a shot. 

Hell, Mayweather probably doesn’t even mind all that much. To you and me, $150,00 might be a lot, but to him, it’s not even enough to buy a decent watch.