Floyd Mayweather Vows He’ll Be ‘Partying the Entire Week’ at His Strip Club Before Conor McGregor Fight

Clearly Floyd thinks he’s winning this one easily…


With a week to go until the opening bell, Floyd Mayweather‘s done preparing for his fight with Conor McGregor

At least, that’s what he wants people to think. Over the weekend, the 49-0 boxing icon announced to fans on Instagram that he’ll be spending each night in the lead up to the fight at his Las Vegas strip club, Girl Collection. 


Like everything else Mayweather does, this is all about getting paid. And there’s more to that than the $2,700 some people will drop for a bottle of Patron Platinum at Girl Collection. 

Ever since oddsmakers made Mayweather an overwhelming favorite in this fight, he’s been making little moves to make people question their confidence in him. Why? Because when no one knows who will win a fight, the more money people spend to see it. 

The switch from 10-ounce to eight-ounce gloves last week was the same thing. People think that will help McGregor. Some will think the same about Mayweather’s partying prior to the fight. And suddenly, people who were sure that Mayweather would dominate are dropping $99 on the PPV because they think McGregor might actually have a chance.


But here’s what you should know: Mayweather prepares for fights in painstaking detail, meticulously plotting his path to victory. 

As Zab Judah recently told ESPN, “He studies your background down to your kids, your wife, who your mama is, who your daddy is. He doesn’t watch fights; he prepares for the person. Sometimes when you learn the person, you don’t have to learn how they fight.”

To think that Mayweather is being careless with these trips to the strip club is to not know who the man is. He’s not hurting his chances on Saturday, he’s helping his chances of making money on many Saturdays in the future by giving Girl Collection hordes of publicity. They don’t call him “Money” for nothing.