Floyd Mayweather Revealed Just How Much He Trash-Talked Conor McGregor During Their Fight

“When are you going to use your power?”

Mayweather vs. McGregor
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The Fight of Our Time is in the books, and it worked out how most who paid attention thought it would. Floyd Mayweather took longer to defeat Conor McGregor than anyone expected, proving either Mayweather’s rustiness or that McGregor is a truly gifted fighter still too inexperienced to handle a tactically brilliant, undefeated boxing legend. 

After the fight Mayweather admitted that once he’d figured McGregor out, he decided it was time for some well-chosen trash talk.

At the end of the 5th round, the fight still seemed up in the air, McGregor having started strong. But Mayweather must have sensed vulnerability, as he told the media later: “I said, ‘You still haven’t knocked me out? You said it wouldn’t go past four, when are you going to use your power?'”

Mayweather may have added a little insult to injury with his post-fight remarks when he revealed that he hadn’t sparred in the month before the fight. “We had a cool training camp, but I didn’t do any sparring for the last month.

“My hands,” he continued, “are real brittle and I wanted them to be solid when I came out here. If I had serious hard injury I wouldn’t have been able to hit so hard.”

Mayweather admitted that Conor McGregor could punch, though, which went against a narrative boxing pundits were promoting prior to the fight. “His punching power is solid,” he said of the Notorious One, “but I’ve felt it before so I kept coming forward. It wasn’t the kind of power that stopped me coming forward.”

You can watch the entire 1-hour press conference following the fight in the first video above then Conor McGregor’s ESPN interview in the second video—in which he’s surprisingly straightforward and honest about how he did.

Or we could all just move on and enjoy a brand new world without further fight talk, while McGregor buys 20 new Rolexes and Mayweather purchases a new Maybach and maybe a tiger or two.