Tennis Babe Genie Bouchard Is Going To The Super Bowl With That Guy She Met On Twitter

Their unlikely romance keeps heating up.

The details of the burgeoning love affair between Genie Bouchard, a professional tennis player and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model, and John Goehrke, a guy, are so well known now that they don’t need repeating. But we will anyway.

During last year’s Super Bowl, Bouchard tweeted something about the Patriots’ inability to stage a comeback and Goehrke, one of her tens of thousands of followers, replied with a bet. If the Pats somehow managed to win, Bouchard would have to go on a date with him. She agreed, Tom Brady did his thing, and before long, they were canoodling courtside at an NBA game.

“I made a bet. A bet is a bet. I wanted to follow through and stay true to my word,” she said at the time. “For sure, I had to do it.”

In the year since, they’ve had at least two other dates. One on her couch, the other at the beach.

And now it’s going to happen again. Over the weekend, the NFL Canada Twitter accounted invited them back for next month’s big game. Bouchard, who was knocked out fo the Australian Open last week, answered first. Then Goehrke said yes. 

Congratulations to the happy couple, but more congratulations to Goehrke.