Tennis Hottie Genie Bouchard Will Go On Date With Random Twitter Dude After Pats Super Bowl Comeback

She declared the Falcons the winner. He bet her the Pats would come back. Now they're going on a date.
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Like many of the more than 100 million people watching the Super Bowl on Sunday, pro tennis hottie Genie Bouchard was certain that the Falcons had the game wrapped up in the third quarter. So she tweeted about it.

That's when a random dude threw up a hail Mary pass. If the Pats mounted a crazy comeback, would Bouchard go on a date with him? She said "Sure," becuase why not? No chance the Pats would come back from 28-3 in the third quarter... right?

Well, everyone knows what happened next. And to her credit, Bouchard appears ready to live up to her end of the bargain. 

Props to Bouchard for not running and hiding after this public embarrassment. Let's just hope she brings along a bodyguard if this date ever goes down. Any dude who's resorted to asking celebrities on dates on Twitter is probably on the wrong side of sane. 

h/t: Complex