Georgia Tech Football Player Knocks Out Teammate In Brutal Viral Video

Talk about unnecessary roughness!

TMZ on Tuesday published a wild video showing a Georgia Tech football player knocking out his teammate with a wicked right hand. The puncher is Step Durham and the punchee is Lance Austin. Both of them are defensive backs. 

It’s not clear why this video, which is from earlier last spring, was leaked to TMZ now. Maybe the video-taker was waiting for the Yellow Jackets season to end. That happened on Saturday when their rival, the Georgia Bulldogs, thumped them 38-7.

In any case, while the release of the video is new, the incident was already known to the team’s coaches. “Georgia Tech’s football coaching staff became aware of the incident between teammates and friends shortly after it occurred. Discipline was handled internally,” the school told TMZ. 

Sources tell us neither players missed any playing time during the 2017 season as a result of the incident. It’s unclear what the punishment was exactly.

We’re told both players told the coaching staff about the fight and insisted things were cool — there were no hard feelings. 

That might change now. Getting knocked out is embarrassing enough if two people see it. Now the entire world has seen Austin drop to the ground like a bag full of footballs and it wold be hard to blame him seeking his revenge. 

And next year, Georgia Tech might want to take a hint from the defending champion Clemson Tigers, who put on gloves before they start throwing haymakers at each othe