Rob Gronkowski Crashed a Party in a Leprechaun Costume, Said He’ll Play For The ’69ers’ Next Year

That’s one way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Lovable scamp Rob Gronkowski is up to some very Gronky shenanigans again. His most recent zaniness involved a leprechaun costume and 69.

We should explain.

The New England Patriots’ very own Gronkprechaun showed up at a St. Patrick’s Day bachelor party for CBS sportswriter  John Breech. The 6’7″ tight end was done up like the jolly green giant of leprechaun land, complete with hat, funky beard, and mirror shades. 

The mirror shades are only reserved for the coolest leprechauns. 

Gronk’s Instagram

Of course Breech asked Gronk about those pesky rumors regarding his retirement. Gronk was vague about that, Breech wrote, “but said he could be playing for the ’69ers’ next season.”

We’re hoping Gronk develops a Bill Murray-like reputation for randomly showing up and doing strange stuff. 

Gronk video

“Gronk delivered our fajitas at Chili’s.”

“Gronk just bought us a truck load of Tide Pods.

“Gronk broke into our house, made everyone breakfast, then fell asleep sitting on the toilet.”

That, or he could just start doing movies with The Rock. Either sounds like more fun than destroying his body on the gridiron.

h/t Brobible