Rob Gronkowski Spurs Comeback Rumors at ESPYs in Viral Video

Is Gronk going back to the gridiron?

Rob Gronkowski Promo
Getty Images

“Yeah, I’m coming back.” 

Retired New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski can be heard uttering those four words to New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees in a viral video captured on the red carpet at the 2019 ESPY Awards. 

We have no idea what was said immediately before or after, but the internet’s football fans are content to believe Gronkowski was talking about a return to the gridiron. 

There would be some serious irony if he really was discussing an NFL comeback hours before accepting the Best Moment award for capping off his career. Maybe he was just amusing himself.   

Then again, the former NFL superstar has dropped other hints that he’s thinking emerging from retirement. 

NBC Sports cites Gronkowski’s quote from his recent appearance on the Rich Eisen Show as perhaps the strongest of said hints. 

“There’s definitely going to be times when you miss it and everything,” Gronkowski said. 

“I would always say that it’s still the offseason right now. I mean I can’t really say how I’m going to feel about it when the games start rolling around and everything.”

Keep praying, Pats fans.