Watch The Mountain from ‘Game of Thrones’ Deadlift 1,000 Pounds With Ease

This video shows how he’ll break yet another world weightlifting record.

Photo: HBO

Hafþór Björnsson first entered the public consciousness as The Mountain on Game of Thrones. But the six-foot-nine Icelandic giant has proven in the last few years that he’s more than a scowling actor with blood splattered all over his chest. He’s also one of the strongest men in the world.

Proof of that is on his resume—which includes three second place finishes in the World’s Strongest Man competition—and all over his Instagram page. His most ridiculous recent feat? Deadlifting 1,003 pounds like it’s a bag of groceries.

Arrgggeeh, indeed. 

The 1,003 pounds Björnsson hoisted is only 28 pounds shy of the world record deadlift with an elephant bar, the longer-than-usual bar he’s lifting in the video above. That record lift belongs to Jerry Pritchett, and Bjornsson has declared his intention to break it.

If he does, it would be yet another world record for the guy who owns the record for the carrying 20-meter fridge carry

And the record for keg tossing.

Bjornsson’s training right now is in preparation for the Arnold Strongman Classic, which will be held next month. It includes such ridiculous events as the “The Stone Shoulder” and “The Bag Over Bar,” where competitors—you guessed it—throw a bag over a bar. 

Last year, Bjornsson finished second. The winner? American Brian Shaw, who’s no stranger to world records himself.