This High School Pitcher Hugged His Friend After Striking Him Out to Make State Tourney in Viral Video

“Our friendship is more important than just the silly outcome of a game.”

High School Baseball Hug

A game-winning pitch at a high school baseball game yielded a remarkable display of sportsmanship between two friends in a recent viral video. 

When pitcher Ty Koehn struck out the final batter at a Minnesota championship game to make the state tournament, he didn’t showboat. Instead, the young man immediately ran over to his defeated opponent and gave him an excruciatingly long hug. 

Though they play on competing teams, the two kids are longtime buddies.

“We are very close friends,” Koehn told Bring Me the News. “I knew him from all the way back when we were 13. We were on the same little league team. It was tough when we went to separate schools but we kept in touch.”

For Koehn, celebration took a backseat to consoling his bro. 

“I knew I had to say something,” he added. “Our friendship is more important than just the silly outcome of a game. I had to make sure he knew that before we celebrated.”  

Many hearts have been warmed by the moment, but some people are saying that Koehn should have spent those 15 seconds with his team.

What do you think?