Brock Lesnar Tops Forbes List of Highest-Paid WWE Superstars, And It’s Not Even Close

“The Beast” makes bank.

brock lesnar

Brock Lesnar, the former WWE star turned UFC heavyweight champion who returned the WWE, is the highest-paid wrestler in Vince McMahon’s organization, according to Forbes. 

John Cena made headlines at Wrestlemania with his in-ring proposal to Nikki Bella, but Lesnar, who wrecked Goldberg in their rematch, still reigns supreme when it comes to raking in mountains of cash. 

Check out the 2017 Forbes ranking of the WWE’s highest-paid stars in the wild world of “sports entertainment,” and you’ll see that Lesnar edges out Cena by a pretty decent margin. 

10. Randy Orton — $1.9 million

9. Seth Rollins — $2.4 million

8. The Undertaker — $2 million

The Undertaker [WWE]
The Undertaker [WWE]

7. Shane McMahon — $2.2 million

6. AJ Styles — $2.4 million

5. Dean Ambrose — $2.7 million

4. Roman Reigns — $3.5 million

3. Triple H — $3.8 million

2. John Cena — $8 million

Image: WWE/YouTube

1. Brock Lesnar — $12 million