Fox Sports Host Holly Sonders Saying ‘Sexually Qualifying’ Has Become an Epic Meme

This hilarious blooper has already gone viral.

Holly Sonders Promo

Fox Sports host Holly Sonders had what some might call a Freudian slip on live TV, and the gaffe has been meme-ified. 

During coverage of U.S. Open qualifying games, the word “sexual” made it into the gorgeous sportscaster’s closing remarks right before she wrapped a recent segment. See if you can catch it above.

Clearly, she intended to say “sectional” qualifying. All three anchors kept it together like true pros before the camera cut away.

Sonders even addressed the blooper on Twitter, explaining that she had “a long week” before correcting her error.

“We were in Alabama for a week before this at the us women’s and then flew straight to Charlotte to do this SECTIONAL qualifying show!” she wrote. 

Regardless, the internet collectively cherished a moment that’s only possible on live television.

This just might be the viral bump that gets Sonders to 100,000 Instagram followers. Check out the greatest photos below:

h/t: Barstool Sports