Watch This Hottie Marlins Fan Pull Down Her Shirt to Distract a Cardinals Pitcher

This was a FLASH of brilliance.

Marlins Man is a big-time sports fan with lots money who’s been known to show up in prime seats at big time games across the country. Sometimes though, he just shuffles on down to Marlins Park to catch a his favorite team in action. 

But the Marlins suck now, so lately he’s been bringing along a little extra entertainment. He calls them the Marlins Man Mermaids and they’re a sight to behold.

During last night’s game against the Cardinals, one of those Mermaids got a little creative in her attempts to distract the opposing pitcher. With Christian Yelich at the plate, the hot young blonde pulled down her top and, well, you saw the video. 

Here’s a closer look in case you needed one.

The flasher revealed herself on Twitter Wednesday night and wanted to bare the truth to all those concerned with the incident.

The Marlins are back at home tonight and, with any luck, the Mermaids will be there too.