Here’s Exactly How Much The World’s Top WWE Stars Earn Per Year

Brock Lesnar is doing just fine.


When writing about the WWE for Maxim it’s hard to choose a category. Is it “sports?” Is it “entertainment?” Many. including WWE boss Vince McMahon, who likes to use the term “sports entertainment,’ would say it’s both. A list of the biggest WWE star salaries published by the Mirror may prove it doesn’t matter, because some make about the same bank as top actors and athletes.

It’s fair if you think about it; entertainment or not, pro wrestlers take a pounding. We’re still talking about Extremely Large Men like Brock Lesnar colliding in the ring. Maybe Lesnar’s size alone has something to do with the fact he tops the list at $12 million per year. 

Sorry, John

If John Cena is shocked that he’s not the top man, well, we understand. He’s probably a more well-known name outside the WWE than Lesnar, and is developing a very The Rock-like career. But he’s no. 2 at $8.5 million.

In contrast, the WWE’s biggest-earnging woman wrestler, Ronda Rousey, earns $1.5 million per year, with Charlotte Flair at second with a $550,000  salary. As her dad Ric Flair might say: Woooo!

Cena’s position isn’t the only surprise, but fans reading it may have their own opinions as to who’s getting screwed by McMahon’s Money Machine. Check out the full list below:

Vince McMahon, XFL
He has a lot of money.

1. Brock Lesnar $12 million

2. John Cena $8.5 million

3. Roman Reigns $5 million

4. Randy Orton $4.5 million

5. AJ Styles $3.5 million

6. Seth Rollins $3 million

7. The Miz $2.5 million

8. Triple H $2.5 million

9. Undertaker $2.5 million

10. Dean Ambrose $2 million

11. Kevin Owens $2 million

12. Dolph Ziggler $1.5 million

13. Sheamus $1 million

14. Jeff Hardy $1 million

15. Bray Wyatt $1 million

16. Finn Balor $1 million

17. Jinder Mahal $900,000

18. Kane $900,000

19. Big Show $850,000

20. Samoa Joe $800,000