You Need to See The Truly Insane 36-Point Buck a Hunter Bagged With a Crossbow

Check out the pics to see the freakiest deer ever.

Deer Promo
Photo: Getty Images

A Mississippi hunter has a true freak of nature to mount in his trophy room after bringing down a massively antlered, 36-point buck. 

Stan Ethredge, who killed the deer with a crossbow (as one does), told USA Today he’d been eyeing the mammoth beast for some time.  

“I’ve been getting pictures of him for at least four years now. He was a big 6-point four years ago. He dropped his antlers and grew six points again. After the second year he was a 6-point, I figured that was all he was going to be.” 

But this deer’s antlers had a LOT more growing to do.

While hunting during opening day of deer season, Ethredge spotted the beast.

“I saw him opening day and it was right at dark and I didn’t want to mess him up,” he said. “I just watched him.”  

It wasn’t until October 20 that the he got a clean shot at the monstrous deer with a crossbow. 

“I decided to hunt that evening because the deer thought I was at work,” he said said. “It was about dark and a doe stepped out.”

“She walked toward me, and he stepped out. He got about 30 yards from me. I was telling my self to keep my composure. My heart was beating out of my chest.”

“As soon as I got the crosshairs on him, I shot.”

Wildlife expert William McKinley suspect that a lack of testosterone caused the deer’s ridiculous rack.

“It’s not common, but it’s not uncommon,” McKinley said. “It could have been disease. It could have been a number of things. If a deer doesn’t have testosterone the antlers continue to grow.” 

Whatever the reason, Ethredge can sleep soundly knowing shot the buck of a lifetime…and put your last game of Big Buck Hunter to shame.

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