Watch This Insane New Video of the Rampage that Could Get Conor McGregor 7 Years in Prison

He’s definitely notorious now.

When Conor McGregor and his posse went bonkers at the Barclays Center on the UFC 223 media day, a professional camera crew caught the whole thing. So rather than the phone  video—which admittedly added a feeling of immediacy—we’ve now got an on-the-ground look at just what happened in the footage above.

And it’s even nuttier than you’ve heard. Nuttier and bloodier, since we see just how badly UFC fighter Michael Chiesa was hurt. This video shows why McGregor’s visa—therefore his ability to earn that sweet American dollar—could be in jeopardy. That, and his freedom.

Via TMZ we know the UFC posted the video as an episode of UFC 223 Embedded. It’s interesting because it makes it clear that on the ground, this mini-riot was actually pretty scary. 

McGregor and fellow team members like fellow figher Cian Cowley (who was also arrested), were out to hurt someone. Obviously they succeeded.

Conor McGregor's perp walk
Conor McGregor on a perp walk

Here’s how McGregor may have screwed himself wilding out this way:
— MMA Fighting reports that he was on his way to a new contract with the UFC. Dana White told ESPN, “We were actually working on a deal and a new plan for him.” Key word: “were.”
— The Daily Mail reports he could spend up to seven years in jail if convicted of “felony mischief.” If convicted of “assault with aggravating circumstances” he could kiss his visa goodbye.

After turning himself in on Friday, McGregor paid a $50,000 bail. He’s also reportedly retained a high-flying attorney.

The Mail reported that McGregor said he was sorry anyone was hurt, but it “had to be done”—allegedly in defense of teammate Artem Lobov, who’d been injured in an encounter with Russian Khabib Nurmagomedov, who was slightly injured in the Friday fracas.

We’re pretty sure this is a win-win for Conor McGregor, unless he loses that visa. It’s hard to figure out how a guy like that would not use a record for assault to win extra badass points.

h/t Daily Mail, TMZ