Check Out the Eye Gash That’s Being Called the Most Gruesome MMA Injury Ever

Yep, his skull is showing.

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British welterweight Jack “The Stone” Mason suffered one of the gnarliest MMA injuries we’ve seen in a long time over the weekend.

The injury happened at Cage Warriors 93 in Gothenburg, Sweden, where Mason squared off against hometown hero Hakon Foss. The Swede badgered Mason for two minutes, before a series of knees led referee Marc Goddard to step in a end Mason’s misery.

The true impact of those knees wasn’t clear until after the fight when MMA fighter John Maguire tweeted this video of Mason’s eyebrow, which was split wider than the Grand Canyon. 

Mason provided an update on the skull-exposing cut on Instagram. He wrote that it requires some stitching and that he was feeling better shortly after the fight. 

Me and my team straight after the fight @cagewarriors stitched up and good as new.Thank you to everyone for all their kind words and support this weekend at #CW93.No excuses, training and weight cut was great, felt great mentally and was ready as ever. Had a really great experience the whole week and despite the outcome last night feel blessed to have great people around me who support me through it all. A massive thank you to all the people that flew over to support me from the UK you guys are amazing and it means the world to me.Thank you!

He also suggested learning to defend himself against knees in the future. Not a bad idea. 

Mason’s nasty eye cut is definitely among the deepest and widest we’ve seen. It calls to mind one suffered by UFC fighter Paul Felder in 2016.

Still, it’s got nothing on the nastiest eye injury we’ve ever seen, which happened in early 2016 and involved Matt Mitrione eyebrow turning into a plum. 

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