Watch Utah Jazz Mascot Heroically Destroy Clippers Fan Who Pushed Little Kid During Contest

Sometimes a mascot has gotta take the law into his own furry hands.

(Photo: Getty Images)

These days, vigilantism is frowned up, and for good reason. But there was a time, particularly in the Old West, when taking the law in one’s own hands wasn’t just encouraged, it was necessary. 

With institutions of law yet to be established in sprawling mining towns and upstart metropoles, regular citizens were forced to serve as judge, jury and at times, executioner, meting out punishments swiftly and without remorse. 

Those days are long gone. But as we learned last night between quarters of a playoff game between the Jazz and Clippers, vigilantism is sometimes the only way of reaching justice. And sometimes it takes a man in a bear costume to ensure that justice is served

Don’t mess with “Jazz Bear” (Photo: Getty Images)

Here’s what happened: In an effort to entertain the crowd during a break between quarters, the Jazz arranged for two fans to race inside giant inflatable bubbles. In one bubble was a Jazz fan in his teens. In the other was a Clippers fan with ear hair. 

It was supposed to be a good-natured, friendly competition. And it appeared to be just that, until the competitors neared the half-court line and the Clippers fan, who probably has a 401 K, blindsided the Jazz fan, who is probably 4’1″. 

Booooooo, everyone probably yelled. Everyone but the Jazz’s mascot, a bear named Jazz Bear, who channelled the spirit of Utah’s 19th century vigilantes and knocked the dick in the Clippers jersey straight on his ass. 

Did that hurt? Based on the way dude tumbled away, it sure did.