Thirsty Instagram Queen Jen Selter Has Her Eye on Yankees Slugger Aaron Judge

The best butt on the internet is feeling the Bronx bomber.

Jen Selter has her sights set on a new giant of the New York City sports world. 

When we last heard from the Instagram-famous belfie queen, she was flirting on Twitter with 7’3″ Knicks star Kristaps Porzingis. Now she appears to have moved on to Aaron Judge. 

At 6’7″, the Yankees slugger isn’t as big as as Porzingis, but he’s certainly beefier. And on Wednesday, it became clear that Selter is interested.

For starters, she showed up at a Yankees game, which is not something she’d normally do, an insider told Judge showed off with Selter in the crowd, launching his first home run of the 2018 season. His teammates Gary Sanchez and Giancarlo Stanton refused to be shown up and hit big ding dongs of their own.

The point of Selter’s trip to the Bronx was to get Judge’s attention, which she’s been trying to do since last year by following him on Instagram, the insider said.

“Jen has been following him since November trying to get his attention,” the person said. “She doesn’t follow many people on Instagram and the ones she does are usually in fitness as she is. She also never attends Yankee games, but all of the sudden has an interest after news of Aaron’s breakup from his girlfriend hit.”

Yes, Judge is newly single after apparently splitting up with another instababe, Jen Flaum, but given the interest Selter has taken in him, we won’t expect that to last long.