Jerry Rice’s Sexy Daughter Is Trying Out for a Lingerie Football Team

Is it in her genes?

When the Los Angeles Temptation of the Legends Football League, which used to be known as the Lingerie Football League, holds an open tryout this Saturday, greatness will be present. Sort of.

Jaqui Rice, the daughter of NFL legend Jerry Rice, is reportedly trying out for the team, and if she’s got a tiny fraction of the talent her pops had, she’ll have no trouble cracking the roster. 

Rice will be one of about 120 athletes hoping to make the team, according to Larry Brown Sports. But it won’t be easy. The Temptation will also hold private workouts and there are only 20 contracts to go around.

Of course, there will only be one woman at the try outs with enough name recognition for most outlets to write about the league. For that reason, Rice is basically a shoo-in for the Temptation.

For her sake, let’s just hope her football career goes better than her attempt to be a pop singer.