Meet Hotshot 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo’s Even Hotter Instagram Gal Pal

Looks like the Niners quarterback has scored himself a 10.

Life is good for Jimmy Garopollo

After toiling in Tom Brady’s shadow for three years, the quarterback was shipped off to the 49ers last year, upgrading New England for the Bay Area in the process. 

He killed it once he got to San Francisco, leading the Niners to five straight wins and earning himself a massive contract to become the highest paid player in the history of the NFL

His team is even getting better, picking up Richard Sherman over the weekend after the Seahawks cut the All-Pro cornerback loose.

And then there’s Jimmy G’s personal life. The 26-year-old has apparently been romancing Alexandra King, an Instagram starlet he met in Boston.

The website Sports Gossip reports that Garopollo’s love affair with King hasn’t stopped him from continuing to play the field, though. 

That doesn’t mean he’s not going to answer those DMs ladies. The tipster also pointed out she hasn’t been able to focus his wandering eye, “Despite being her Valentine, Jimmy still likes to follow and message ladies on Instagram.”

Given Garoppolo’s continued Instacreeping, it’s unclear just how serious these two are. He has in the past indicated an interest in playing the field, telling Dan Patrick in 2014 that his dad once gave him some sage advice: “Stay single as long as you can — you’ll be married the rest of your life.”

But given what he’s found in Ms. King, it would be understandable if Jimmy G just settled down now.