J.J. Watt Clashes With Baker of Pornographic Cakes Over His Charitable Efforts

Warning: Boob cakes below.

JJ Watt

Getty Images

Houston Texans superstar d-lineman J.J. Watt famously raised tens of millions of dollars for relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Harvey last year. After initially hoping to raise $200,000, Watt ended his drive with more than $37 million. 

He was celebrated, honored and now, months later, he’s being questioned. In response to the announcement of yet another award for Watt, a baker of pornographic cakes took him to task. 

Before we get to Watt’s response, let’s take a moment to learn a bit more about Kim and her business. 

She’s a baker who, according to her website, will gladly bake customers the types of cakes they’re used to finding in wholesome, family friendly bakeries. But she’ll also get weird, if that’s what you’re into. 

Anyway, Watt responded to Kim by defending the work he’s done with the nearly $40 million he raised, which will be “be used to rebuild homes, restore child-care centers, provide food and address health needs of those affected most,” according to NFL.com.

“While I understand the total recovery from Hurricane Harvey could require upwards of $200 billion, and this $37 million will not be able to help every single person as I so badly wish it could, I have made it my mission to ensure this money makes as large of an impact as possible,” Watt said in a statement last year.

Here’s how he responded to Kim:

Kim must be feeling bad about this. She should apologize by sending Watt a boob cake.