Joe Theismann Says Native Americans ‘Seem to be OK’ With Redskins Name, No Need to Change It

Based on some responses on Twitter, he’s wrong.

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The Washington Redskins shouldn’t worry about changing their controversial name, former quarterback Joe Theismann told TMZ Sports this week, because he’s talked to a lot of Native Americans over the years and “they seem to be ok with the name, the Redskins.”

He added: “We try to honor them everyday and do the best to represent the nations that are out there.” 

Theismann was asked the question because, prior to the MLB season, the Cleveland Indians made a move away from their own racist logo, Chief Wahoo. In January, the team said the grinning caricature will come off of its uniforms ahead of next season

There aren’t any rumblings about the Redksins following suit, but it’s an issue that team is unlikely to avoid. Especially because, despite Theismann’s claim, there are plenty of Native Groups that want to see the name changed.

Last December, the Rising Hearts Coalition, a Native activist group, held a rally outside of outside the FedEx field where they unveiled their proposal for a new name and logo for the team.

But people like Theismann continue to point to their anecdotal evidence to suggest that Native Americans don’t mind the name. A poll, whose veracity has been challenged, in 2016 even showed that 90 percent of Native Americans don’t mind the name. 

On Twitter though, there were plenty of Native people eager to show Theismann that he’s wrong.