John Cena Challenges The Undertaker to a Dream Match at Wrestlemania

Cena took a sip of beer and then got a little crazy on ‘Raw.’

What’s been rumored for months finally began to take shape Monday night when John Cena challenged The Undertaker to a match at Wrestlemania 34.

Cena called out The Undertaker, who hasn’t wrestled since laying down his hat at the end of last year’s Wrestlemania, at the start of the second hour of Raw in a segment that began with him announcing that he won’t be wrestling at the WWE’s flagship event. He would still attend though, he said, but as a fan. 

Then he jumped into the seats, started cavorting with the riff raff and stole a tiny sip of beer from a Game of Thrones extra.

But this was all a bit. As soon as Cena was back in the ring, he issued the challenge to the 52-year-old, railed against WWE executives and talked shit about The Undertaker, which the crowd did not like. 

If it wasn’t obvious where this was leading, Cena spelled it out with his final three words before exiting the ring: “One more match.”

After a one-year hiatus, The Undertaker is clearly on his way back to the ring, and as Cena mentioned Monday, the videos he’s putting on Instagram show he’s in good shape.

Assuming all of this goes down as expected, Cena and The Undertaker will finally deliver a match fans have wanted to see at Wrestlemania for years. Cena’s apparent heel turn and The Undertaker’s long layoff only add to the drama. And fans are already pumped.