Jon Jones Delivers Savage Twitter Beatdown to UFC Fighter Tyson Griffin

“I just see a bitter bitch who’s the size of my dick.”

Jones Griffin Promo
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Retired UFC fighter Tyson Griffin got brutally owned on Twitter by MMA legend Jon Jones after Griffin attacked the former light heavyweight champion online. 

First, a little backstory: Griffin, who went 8-6 in the UFC and has never gotten along with Jones, threw a jab at the MMA legend by snidely comparing his and Conor McGregor’s loss of corporate sponsorship deals. 

Jones, considered by many to be among the greatest MMA fighters ever, is also one of the sport’s most tragic and controversial figures. He had his title stripped twice by the UFC. Most recently after his 2017 beatdown of arch-rival Daniel Cormier because of a failed drug test, and also in 2015, after he was arrested for hit-and-run charges in New Mexico. 

Even before that, there was drama. Back in 2014, Nike terminated a six-figure contract with Jones because of his media day brawl with Cormier before their first fight. Conor McGregor, meanwhile, may lose his lucrative deal with Burger King deal because of that bonkers attack on a van full of fighters before UFC 223.  

“Well there goes @TheNotoriousMMA lossing his @BurgerKing deal faster than @JonnyBones lost his @Nike deal!” Griffin tweeted, setting off the online feud. 

Jones’ response was as brutal as any ass-whupping he’s delivered in the Octagon. After pointing out that Griffin was never good enough to earn a Nike sponsorship deal, he capped off the vicious three-tweet response by likening the ex-lightweight fighter to a “bitter bitch who’s the size of my dick.”

Griffin then accused Jones of “trying to steal the spotlight” and tweeted private messages he’d received from the fighter two years earlier, in response to other comments Griffin had made about Jones.    

Here’s a close-up of those messages, in which Jones belittles Griffin for his net worth, MMA skills and smaller size. 


That dramatic DM reveal didn’t faze Jones at all, nor should it have. Truthfully, it only spurred him to mercilessly clown Griffin even harder.

Jones doubled down on everything he said privately, adding that believes Griffin to be an “envious little bastard” who he enjoys “shitting on.”  

A now-decimated Griffin oddly decided to backpedal by calling Jones a “brother” and—perhaps sarcastically—”a great champion.”  

Unsurprisingly, Jones did not echo the same sentiment. 

Damn. Even when he’s feuding on Twitter, Jones is an absolute monster. Feel free to sit the next few rounds out, Tyson.  

h/t: Bro Bible