Jose Canseco Is Becoming a Professional Wrestler

The former baseball star, whose MMA and boxing careers did not go well, just signed a wrestling contract.

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Baseball legend Jose Canseco is ready for his second act. 

The 54-year-old with the red-hot daughter has just signed a contract with a professional wrestling promotion.

“We couldn’t be happier to welcome Jose into our family that represents equality, diversity, family, and love,” World Class Revolution CEO Jerry Bostic said in a statement. “Jose is without a doubt one of the greatest athletes professional baseball has ever seen.”

It’s unclear if Canseco will make it into the ring as a part of his contract—Teen Mom star turn-porn actress Farrah Abraham just signed a deal with the same promotion and she won’t be wrestling—but if he does, it won’t be his first time to mix it up in combat sports. 

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In 2009 he made his first and last appearance as an MMA fighter, taking on Hong Man Choi in a novelty match. The 7’2″ Korean giant dispatched of Conseco in 77 seconds. 

The admitted steroid user has also stepped in the boxing ring a couple times while under contract with the Celebrity Boxing Federation. His record in the ring? 0-1-1. The draw came in a bout against former child actor Danny Bonaduce and the loss came at the hands of Vai Sikahema, a former kick returner for the Philadelphia Eagles. 

The good news for Canseco is that the winner of wrestling matches is pre-determined, which means he might actually notch a victory.