Watch This Golf Trick Shot Master’s Most Mind-Blowing Videos

You’ve never seen skills like this.

Joshua Kelley Promo

Admit it: Watching golf for any extended period of time can quickly become a mind-numbing experience… unless you’re watching Joshua Kelley. 

The trick shot mastery displayed in his Instagram videos has made him a viral celebrity. Get a taste of his skills with this awe-inspiring montage:

The 28-year-old Northfield, New Jersey, resident was first inspired to pick up the club at age 12 by the sport’s GOAT. 

Tiger Woods’ Nike commercial came out where he is bouncing the ball around on his club, and I remember watching that in my living room and thinking that was the coolest thing in the world,” Kelley told in a recent interview.

“I grabbed my wedge, went out into the front yard and started trying to bounce it, and it was a lot harder than it looks. It took me an hour to bounce it around three times.”  

Fast-forward just over a decade, and this impressive champagne pop skyrocketed Kelley to fame.

Now with 230,000 followers, the unbelievably coordinated athlete has secured sponsorship deals from companies like Keurig and Under Armour. There’s a little more to his ads than the typical bikini-clad selfie we see from Instagram models.

Over the past few years, Kelley has utilized items you’d never see on the green to exhibit his talent, including a giant Jenga tower…

a football…

a pool table…


beer pong cups…

and finally, a shotgun.

If you can’t get enough of his mind-blowing skills, give him a follow on the ‘gram. Here’s a sampling of his nearly 200 videos: