Watch This Hilarious Weirdo Deadlift 495 Pounds On Rollerblades

Jon Call is officially the wildest weightlifter on the internet.

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Look at this crazy son of a bitch. Long hair, huge chest, blaring “Beat It” and deadlifting in Rollerblades. It’s the kind of thing that might get a regular guy—like you—killed. But not Jon Call, who sometimes goes by Jujimufu and other times goes by the “anabolic acrobat.” He can do this kind of nonsense in his sleep.

Just take a spin through his Instagram. It’s full of outrageous stunts, like lifting a barbell at Thanksgiving dinner, deadlift backflips and homoerotic pillow fights. And also, underwater powerlifting. 

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There’s a chance you’ve heard of this madman before. Not only does he have an insanely popular Instagram, but he was once on network TV performing on America’s Got Talent. There, he pulled of his signature move—the weighted chair split—and then spent a little personal time with Heidi Klum