Patriots Wide Receiver Julian Edelman Faces 4-Game Suspension After Testing Positive For PEDs

It could cost him a LOT of money.

Julian Edelman

ESPN is reporting that Patriots receiver and serial model-dater Julian Edelman could miss at least four games during the 2018-19 season due to a positive test for performance enhancing drugs (PEDs).

Citing sources inside the NFL, the sports network also reported that Edelman is appealing the ruling.

Julian Edelman
Julian Edelman

Edelman contends in his appeal that he’s had “hundreds of tests” without testing positive, which kind of sounds like he’s side-stepping the issue—but this story is still new, so who knows?

We do know, per ESPN, that he could lose a cool $470,588.20 should the suspension stick. He’d miss out on playing against teams like the Jacksonville Jaguars and Houston Texans.

Edelman has been taking part in the Pats’ offseason drills, which is significant considering he’s been recovering from a torn ACL. 

We’ll have to wait to see if Edelman wins his appeal. Patriots players haven’t had a lot of luck with those. 

He may have prevented a school shooting in April, though, so he should get a little credit for that.