A UFC Fighter Pooped Herself in the Octagon, And She Wasn’t Embarrassed About It at All

Justine Kish left some stains on the mat at UFC Fight Night Oklahoma.


One of the fights on the card at Saturday’s UFC Fight Night Oklahoma saw a couple women in the strawweight division fighting for a chance to creep up the rankings and, eventually, take a shot at champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk. It’s not the kind of bout that usually gets much attention. 

After a three-round war, Felice Herrig beat Justine Kish by unanimous decision. Unfortunately for Herrig, it’s the loser the internet is focused on today. The reason however, is not pretty—Kish shit herself during the match

The expulsion came after Herrig locked Kish into a rear-naked chokehold that the 29-year-old fighter somehow escaped from. After a few minutes of writhing around on the mat, it became clear that something else had escaped too.


To her credit, Kish had an excellent response to the mess.

Frankly, she might be better off having shit herself than winning the fight. We’ve all seen how important attention is to raising the profile of a UFC fighter. If Kish had won, no one would be talking about her today. Instead, she leaked poop with the world watching and now, here we are, giving her props for responding with humor.

Let this be a lesson to all the other fighters out there: Better to embarrass yourself and get attention than win and remain anonymous.