Luckiest Man Ever Won $75K at the Kentucky Derby on a $1 Bet

He got lucky in Kentucky thanks to the superfecta.


(Photo: Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Many aspiring horse-racing aficionados head to the Kentucky Derby with Mint Julep-fueled dreams of winning big and getting rich. Most of us, however, step away a few hundred bucks poorer and with the mother of all hangovers. (Beware the Julep).

One son of a bitch, however, just got very lucky in Kentucky. By correctly guessing the first four finishers of the Derby in the correct order (aka, a “superfecta”), he turned a $1 bet into a $75,000 payday.

For the record, that amount is comparable to a year’s salary, a modest home, a Porsche… or a personal suite at Churchill Downs’ Millionaires Row on Derby Day.

He pulled this off by placing his bet on Always Dreaming, Lookin At Lee, Battle of Midway and Classic Empire. Always Dreaming and Classic Empire were favorite horses while Lookin At Lee and Battle of Midway were his wild cards.

Now just imagine if he had bet $2 instead.

h/t BroBible