Kevin Durant Had to Be Held Back After Getting Heckled By Cavaliers Fan

Them’s fightin’ words.

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Kevin Durant, who’s one of the NBA’s greatest all-time scorers before he’s even turned 30, might have played the best game of his career on Wednesday night when the Warriors beat the Cavs 110-103 in game three of the NBA Finals

With Steph Curry and Klay Thompson struggling, KD carried the Warriors with 43 points.

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His contribution was biggest in the first half, when the Cavs threatened to run the Warriors out of Quicken Loans Arena. Durant’s  hot shooting and tireless work on the glass kept this team in the game and down only 6 at the half. 

After scoring 24 in the first half, he put up 19 in the second half. But no bucket was bigger than the dagger he hit with 50 seconds on the clock and the Warriors up three.

“That was incredible what he did out there tonight,” Warriors Coach Steve Kerr said of his seven-foot forward. “Some of those shots, I don’t think anybody in the world can hit those but him.”

LeBron James praised his play and the dagger above in particular after the game. “You definitely tip your hat,” he said. “I mean, that’s what he does. He’s a scorer. You know, he’s an assassin and that was one of those assassin plays right there.”

The career-defining night wasn’t enough to put Durant in a good mood though. As he was arriving back at the team hotel, he encountered a dumbass heckler who seemed to push his buttons by yelling “you suck,” “where LeBron at?” and perhaps even calling him a “cheese butt.” 

Actually, TMZ suggests that the heckler was taking a shot at the University of Texas, where KD spent one season before making the leap to the NBA. He said “UT’s butt,” the site suggests, rather than “cheese butt.” It makes more sense, but it’s much less fun.