Foxy Fox Sports Host Kristine Leahy Wants Video Games in the Olympics, Says ‘I’m a Nerd Myself’

“They do hand workouts to make sure that their thumbs can move quickly.”

Photo: Getty Images

As a frequenter of hottest news anchors lists and the smoldering host of American Ninja Warrior, chances are high Kristine Leahy has heated up your TV recently. Surprisingly, she’s also a proponent of putting video games in the Olympics.

Leahy got into it on Fox Sports One’s The Herd with co-host Colin Cowherd regarding Paris Olympic committee co-president Tony Estanguet’s recent push to make eSports a part of the 2024 Games.

“Good for you, Paris, for seeing how successful eSports is and why we should watch it,” Leahy said. 

As the segment went on, Cowherd continued to mock the notion that video games should be classified as a sport. Leahy stood her ground and made some pretty valid points about the mental fortitude required to game at a world-class level.

“What you don’t understand is that it does take a level of athleticism. You have to have extreme mental toughness,” she said. “They do hand workouts to make sure that their thumbs can move quickly. They have to have stamina to keep a level of concentration for that long.”

Considering how hard wrestling fans fought to keep the age-old sport in the Olympics, the notion that elite gamers might get to compete in 2024 seems kind of crazy. But it sounds like Leahy, who proudly proclaims her nerd status at the end of the interview, is all for it.  

“Until you actually go to an event, I don’t think you can call them nerds anymore. And even if you do, ‘nerd’ is a compliment. I’m a nerd myself.”

Regardless of where you come down on the issue, one thing we can all agree on is that she is hotter than hell, and we’ve got the ‘grams to prove it.

h/t: The Smoke Room