This WWE Kurt Angle Hall of Fame Tribute Video Will Give You Chills

Next up for the Olympic gold medalist: A Wrestlemania rematch with Brock Lesnar?

On Monday night’s Raw, the WWE announced that Olympic gold medalist and 21-time wrestling champion Kurt Angle will be the first member of its 2017 Hall of Fame class. It’s true, damn true. 

“I was shocked. I’ve been out of WWE for a long time and out of touch with them, so I didn’t really expect this,” Angle said in an interview with ESPN. “It’s a huge honor.” 

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Angle was with the promotion for eight years, from 1998 to 2006. After his debut, he quickly emerged as one of the most talented performers in the WWE, with a squeaky clean persona that made him easy to hate. Angle won titles, locked up an endless number of ankles and developed one healthy rivalry with a man beast named Brock Lesnar. 

And 14 years after Angle vs. Lesnar was named “Feud of the Year” by Pro Wrestling Illustrated, it may get reignited. That’s the most obvious option for Angle’s eventual return to the WWE, at least. And it’s one Angle himself has endorsed. 

Back in December, Angle was asked on a Facebook chat which of his matches he’d like to do over. His answer: “Again? Lesnar at Mania. Except, I’d like to be healthy this time.”

He may get his chance on April 2.