Not Only Does Kyrie Irving Believe the Earth Is Flat, He Also Doesn’t Think Christmas Is a Holiday

Come on, man.

Kyrie Irving
Getty Images

Kyrie Irving needs to stop saying things. The Celtics star is obviously a thinking man, the problem is he sometimes thinks wrong. 

We already know that Irving seems to believe the Earth is flat. He’s acted as if he was just trolling, calling his public embrace of Flat Earth theory “an exploitation tactic,” but  given the weirdness incorporated into his new Kyrie 4 signature Nikes, it seems like he may not be messing with people after all. 

After the Celtics-Knicks game Thursday, he cut loose with the crazy again, this time expressing his opinions about Christmas. It’s not a holiday. 

“The hoopla on Christmas doesn’t really … I don’t really get into that,” he told media assembled in the Boston team’s locker room, “I don’t really necessarily think of Christmas as a holiday, so I’m just happy I get to be with my family (…) and then, of course, opening presents and that whole thing.”

Maybe Irving is more into the Austrian Krampus, a goat demon who punishes bad children at Christmas time. Or perhaps he’s about the creepy Welsh Mari Lwyd, a skeletal horse that sings carols at pubs.

We like to imagine Irving just spinning a ball on his fingertip and watching Yule Log TV for hours on end. 

That doesn’t sound like the worst way to spend a holiday at home. 

h/t BroBible