Watch LeBron James Unload on the ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ Crew as They Trail Tristan Thompson

He’s our hero.

LeBron James
Getty Images

LeBron James
Getty Images

Ah, how we’ve missed the NBA. The most entertaining sports league in the world is almost back and, with it, the endless drama that surrounds its players. 

Today we turn our gaze to the most famous of those players: LeBron James. The star of the Cleveland Cavaliers loves drama, and this week he’s starting some with his teammate Tristan Thompson, the Cavs power forward who just knocked up Khloe Kardashian.

As everyone knows, when you impregnate a Kardashian, you’re contractually obligated to be followed everywhere by TV cameras. Those TV cameras followed Thompson into the Cavs training facility recently, and LeBron greeted them with some All-Star level heckling. 

“The shit show’s here,” he says in a video uploaded to his Snapchat. “Look at the shit show gang.”

LeBron has been annoyed by Thompson’s relationship with Kardashian for a long time. Last year, he and Thompson reportedly got into an argument over Khloe, who LeBron saw as a distraction. (With good reason, perhaps.) And clearly, LeBron is no fan of the show that made the Kardashians famous.

There is, however, reason to believe that LeBron and Thompson have patched things up since the announcement of Kardashian’s pregnancy. Look at his secret handshake with Thompson and quick hug for Khloe.