Vegas Odds Say LeBron James Heading to the Lakers, NBA Legends Fuel the Rumor

Where will the King end up?

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Now that the NBA Finals are over, there are two big events on the calendars of every NBA fan. First, the NBA Draft, which will take place in eight days. And second, the prolonged and ongoing courtship of LeBron James

The best basketball player on the planet seems poised to leave Cleveland this off-season. But it’s anyone’s guess where he’ll land, with at least eight teams having a legitimate shot of becoming the third team LeBron’s played for. 

The sportsbook BetOnline has a favorite though and it’s the Los Angeles Lakers, followed by the Sixers, Cavs, Celtics, Rockets and Spurs. 

If you’ve followed the NBA the past five years, it might be a surprise to see the Lakers so high. After all, they suck. 

But the Lakers have three things LeBron may be interested in: a talented young core, lots of money spend, and a home in a city that he appears drawn toward. 

It’s not just Vegas suggesting that LeBron is going to L.A. either. Two NBA legends have weighed in recently and suggested that he’s taking his talents to South Central. First, it was Gary Payton, a former Laker himself, who revealed that LeBron James Jr. has already enrolled in a Los Angeles high school. 

Then on The Jump, Scottie Pippen boosted the rumor. The Bulls legend, whose own son attends the same school LeBron Jr. might go to, said he did some reporting after hearing Payton’s claim. “I kind of made a few calls yesterday, and from what I’m hearing nothing is official yet,” Pippen said. 

As the speculation runs rampant, there might actually be some real news on the LeBron front Wednesday. He is reportedly set to tell the Cavs today whether he intends to stay in Cleveland or venture forth.

Given the way things ended in Cleveland, it seems like it’s time for LeBron to go. The team doesn’t have many promising pieces for the future and LeBron’s already brought a title to his hometown. To some, he’s already the GOAT. Going to a new city and winning a title would make it indisputable.