LeBron James 'Secret' Advice to Lonzo Ball Was Picked Up By a Hot Mic

"Find your zone and just stay f*cking locked in.”
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LeBron James and Lonzo Ball

That mysterious exchange between LeBron James and Lonzo Ball has finally been revealed.

Shortly after the Cleveland Cavaliers defeated the Los Angeles Lakers 121-112, the basketball megastar approached his rookie opponent on the court. 

James clearly meant to keep what he said private by pulling his jersey over his mouth, but a hot mic allowed a keen-eared redditor to pick out the statement. 

"Find your zone and just stay f*cking locked in," James said. “The media is going to ask you what I told you right now … Just be aggressive every single day … It’s white noise. That’s all it is. Alright?”

Despite LeBron's previous beef with Ball's obnoxious father, it's nice to see that he thinks enough of the 20-year-old to offer some sound advice.