Watch LeBron James Rip a Reporter and Get Heckled By a Drunk Fan After Awful Playoff Loss

Is he getting choked up?
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When you're as good as LeBron James, off nights don't come often. So maybe we should excuse him for a little temper tantrum after what happened last night. He's just not used to dealing with defeat.

And last night, the Cavs didn't just lose — they lost big. Not on the scoreboard (the Celtics only won by three), but this was a game that the Cavs expected to run away with. The Cs were, after all, missing their best player in Isaiah Thomas. LeBron and company were coming off two blowouts in Boston and would now have the crowd on their side. And most importantly, the team came out of the tunnels before the game to the Monstars theme from Space Jam. If that's not confidence, what is?

Like the Monstars though, the Cavs couldn't hold on, with LeBron putting up just 11 points in 45 minutes. Asked after the game why he was off, LeBron offered a typically meaningless soundbite—"I was just pretty poor."—before criticizing the reporter who asked the question.

Why the hissy fit? Was it only the bad game that had LeBron pouting in the presser? No! A creative heckler is also to blame. According to a report from ESPN's Brian Windhorst, LeBron exchanged words with a fan after the game. After getting ripped in his own arena, LeBron responded by asking," What did you do?" A superb answer followed. 

Thanks to the wonders of social media, the heckler has been identified. He's Trey Sanders and a day later, he's still going at LeBron. 

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